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From the stockroom to the parking lot and everything in between, our brands work in partnership to upgrade every aspect of the retail environment – improving outcomes for retailers and enhancing the customer experience.


Carts, equipment, conveyance and aftermarket parts

We empower you to safely increase efficiencies, improve operations and reduce overall costs by leveraging our team of engineering experts to design, engineer and manufacture custom material handling carts, equipment, conveyance and aftermarket parts.

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Commercial Zone

Site furnishing solutions

We design and manufacture unique, customizable site furnishing solutions including waste and recycling containers, windshield centers, smoker’s outposts, planters, benches and accessories to support your commitment to creating a consistently positive experience for your customers. We serve multiple industries and stand behind every product, promising style, function and durability.

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Retail fixtures and display solutions

From creative design to high-quality gondola shelving, Eden can support you at every stage in your retail journey. We offer design-development, prototyping and manufacturing for a full-service experience. Plus, with global sourcing, consolidation and dedicated installation teams, we can deliver complex projects at pace, through a single contact to minimize store down-time. And, with a 20-year successful track-record, you’ll have the reassurance of a committed and reliable end-to-end partner.

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LA Darling

Retail fixtures and display solutions

From inviting entrances and efficient check-outs to engaging in-store destinations and dynamic secure displays, we collaborate with you to develop strategic solutions and custom retail fixtures that increase shopper engagement, enhance the shopping experience and protect valuable assets to maximize profitability and drive continuous improvement.

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Retail Space Solutions

Retail merchandising systems

We design, develop and produce a full line of retail merchandising systems that improve product presentation, positively impact the in-store experience and deliver ROI through increased product facings and sales volumes.

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Store Opening Solutions

Retail consolidation and store fixture installation services

We support the strategic vision of retail organizations with focused expertise in the store consolidation and installation of fixtures and equipment. Acting as an extension of your team, we help you implement and manage strategic store programs with maximum efficiency, accuracy and reduced spend.

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Trade Fixtures

Merchandising bins, fixtures, displays and bulk department supplies

Known for products and solutions that offer excellence, we have supplied the retail food market with innovative products and solutions since 1982. Our unmatched number of merchandising bins, fixtures, displays and bulk department supplies help retailers and consumers alike.

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Shopping cart manufacturing

As one of the largest shopping cart manufacturers in the U.S. – producing hundreds of thousands of carts each year – we specialize in solving the unique fleet management challenges of the world’s largest retailers. Our durable metal carts and innovative remanufacturing process help you manage your entire fleet for less – and enhance your customer experience.

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In-store digital signage, loyalty and retention programs and data management

For more than 70 years, leading brands have relied on DCI to create insight-driven solutions that build authentic connections between shoppers, retailers and brands. Our full range of integrated retail offerings drives engagement throughout the customer journey, enhances the overall customer experience and builds long-term loyalty and retention.

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Artform Creative

Retail architecture and layout

We believe retail design is about making your customers feel confident in the choices they make, giving them reasons to buy, return and share. By thinking about what matters in their lives and the human impulses driving us all, we get you closer to that goal.

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Big Red Rooster Flow

Project and construction management

Big Red Rooster Flow is a national Project and Construction Management service. The team of seasoned multi-site professionals supports new builds, retrofits, refreshes, re-images as well as interior renovations and more.

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Project CSI

Survey, Construction and Installation Services

Project CSI specializes in the construction management of the exteriors and interiors for multi-site retailers.

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