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Your Click-and-Collect Program in a Box

Need to quickly scale up your click-and-collect services? Click & Go will help you hit the ground running. We can put together an integrated system that has everything you need to implement a full-scale click-and-collect or BOPIS (buy online pickup in-store) program.


  • Quickly improve efficiency and profitability
  • Total system – from backroom to customer handoff
  • Easy to execute


Picking: Streamline picking with quick-pick pop up areas and ergonomic picking carts designed to efficiently pick multiple orders.

Staging: Attractively conceal organized staging areas behind custom panels that can be utilized to provide branding or promotional messages.

Impulse: Recapture impulse sales by attractively displaying high-margin items at the point of pickup.

Signage: Ensure the success of your click-and-collect program with well-designed and attractive signage.

Backroom: Improve backroom efficiency and inventory control.

Click-and-Collect Solutions Configured for You

Looking for something out of the box? We’ve got you covered. All of our solutions can be designed to your specifications – quickly and cost-effectively. Just tell us what you need!

Let us know how we can configure a click-and-collect solution for you.

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Click & Go Solutions

Here’s just a sampling of the solutions we can design, build and customize for you.


Picking Stations

Streamline the picking process by converting underutilized space into quick picking areas for your fastest moving click-and-collect SKUs. Picking stations from LA Darling create unified and organized spaces for high-volume ecommerce orders.

  • Improve picking time by placing high-volume products together in one easy-access area
  • Respond to changing demand quickly – modular design can set up and tear down easily for a fast response to surges or downturns in demand
  • Easily restock the picking stations for more efficient picking

Picking Carts

Reduce e-commerce order fulfillment times through more efficient picking with ergonomic picking carts from Cannon Equipment. These cost-effective carts enable easy order segmentation and faster picking times.

  • Improve efficiency with multi-order picking capabilities
  • Improve customer satisfaction with more organized, accurate picking
  • Lightweight, nimble design provides superior ergonomics and productivity


Staging Area Solutions

Create an attractive and organized staging center to more accurately fulfill click-and-collect orders. Staging area solutions from LA Darling are a cost-effective way to easily access orders while maintaining the clean and organized store appearance your shoppers expect. These solutions also provide space for additional advertising or messaging.

  • Increase accuracy with a well-organized staging system
  • Improve the visual appearance of your staging area for better branding of your click-and-collect program
  • Build better brand awareness and higher sales by increasing in-store signage and advertising space

Impulse Merchandising

Mobile Impulse Fixtures

Capitalize on high-margin impulse buys with mobile impulse fixtures. These easy-to-execute solutions from LA Darling are perfect for holding convenience, seasonal or high-turn items.

  • Create high-margin impulse revenue from current click-and-collect orders
  • Create additional ad revenue from brand partnership opportunities
  • Increase customer satisfaction through convenience
  • Differentiate your click-and-collect program

In-Store Pickup and Impulse Stations

Recapture impulse sales and improve profit margins with this integrated pickup and impulse station from LA Darling. This mobile station can be moved depending on needs and changes to your click-and-collect program while displaying your fast-moving, high-margin items to build in-store sales.

  • Increase high-margin impulse sales
  • Welcome e-commerce shoppers with an attractive and convenient fixture
  • Quickly change merchandise to adjust for promotions, seasonal items or time-of-day highlights
  • Increase shopper convenience and overall satisfaction with your e-commerce program



Clear, attractive signage is critical to the success of your click-and-collect program. With LA Darling’s signage programs you get quick and easy ways to clearly instruct shoppers on how to collect their e-commerce orders, while also driving trial and incremental sales through advertising and promotions.

  • Increase customer satisfaction with your click-and-collect program by providing clear instructions on where to park and what to do to once they arrive to receive their order
  • Ensure shopper safety with signage that shows how to receive their order safely
  • Drive additional sales with advertising and promotional signage in the pick-up area
  • Brand your click-and-collect program for market differentiation
  • Promote click-and-collect trial with in-store shoppers


Efficiency Solutions

Drive backroom efficiency with flexible powered conveyance from Cannon Equipment. Unload trucks faster and more easily while reducing product damage with zero pressure accumulation technology.

  • Reduce the overall time it takes to get products from the truck to the sales floor
  • Flexible design makes the perfect conveyance solution in tight areas, and easily adapts as needs change
  • Fully retractable for convenient storage when not in use

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