Increase Sales by Transforming Standard Shopping Carts into Smart Shopping Carts

With Shopic devices, you create the ultimate in frictionless in-store shopping, generating customer loyalty AND expanding basket sizes.

A Simpler Solution for Smart Shopping Carts

With Shopic, there’s no need for a new fleet of carts. Customers simply attach a Shopic device to a standard cart with one click. Now they can enjoy an enhanced shopping experience that also makes in-store checkout as smooth and simple as it gets.

The exclusive Marmon Retail Solutions + Shopic partnership provides …

An Elevated In-Store Experience

The Shopic device shows where to find products, indicates a real-time balance as items are added to a cart, and allows shoppers to avoid lines and check out right from their cart.

Advanced Retail Media Opportunities

Engage with customers from their cart with perfectly timed, personalized offers, recommendations, and promotional discounts.

Smart Technology to Drive Revenue

Be at the forefront of effective retail tech trends that increase shopper sales, satisfaction, and loyalty – while also controlling shrink.

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Closeup of consumer using Shopic on a grocery cart showcasing a digital promo. Shopic on a grocery art in a grocery aisle with closeup of what the interface looks like.

An Immersive Shopping Experience That Customers AND Grocers Will Love

Easy Shopping

Customers attach the Shopic device with one click to a standard shopping cart for an unmatched frictionless shopping experience.

Find Products Faster

A virtual shopping map shows shoppers where to find products.

Live Total + Easy Checkout

The Shopic device provides a running balance as new items are added to the cart, and shoppers can skip the lines by checking out right from their cart, saving 2.5–8 minutes (or more) per shopping trip.

The Perfect Promotions

Personalized promotions are suggested at exactly the right time as shoppers navigate your store.

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A Proven Customer Success Story

One grocery store chain with 378 stores was impressed with Shopic’s ability to delight shoppers, increase their basket sizes, control shrink, and reduce labor costs.

78% Larger basket averages
89% Of shoppers loved the system
8% Increase in monthly sales
12-15% Store revenue coming from Shopic cart use
Shopic product on grocery cart with animated ad on screen.

Why Shopic Is Great for Grocers

With competition more intense than ever, Shopic gives you an edge, providing a long list of advantages that benefit both you and your shoppers.

Grow Sales

Promotes larger basket sizes and increases sales through personalized offers.

Retain Customers

Increases customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Low Cost to Entry

Enables you to use existing carts, a better option than purchasing new, expensive smart carts.

Accurate Insights

Provides valuable data on loss prevention and inventory accuracy.

Boost In-Store Promotions

Delivers perfectly timed promotions while integrating with existing promotional platforms.

Brand Continuity

Maintains branding standards thanks to customizable options for device and mount colors.

How Marmon Retail Solutions Supports Our Partners

Financial backing of Berkshire Hathaway

As part of Marmon Holdings, we’re backed by Berkshire Hathaway, one of the largest companies in the world, which ensures financial stability and global supply chain access.

Experienced team dedicated to success and innovation

Through research, strategic initiatives, and ongoing customer support, Marmon Retail Solutions and our collection of 11 retail-focused companies concentrate on solving a wide range of retailer challenges.

Track record of proven retail successes

We partner with some of the largest retailers in the world, helping them find ways to thrive in the constantly evolving retail landscape.

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