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2022 Retail Trends

The future of in-store shopping is here! Retailers are going checkout-less, offering more social experience and enhancing the sense of community within stores.


How Retailers are Accommodating Hybrid Shoppers

Hybrid shoppers are some of the most valuable in retail because they spend more. But these shoppers also have higher expectations for convenience than shoppers as a whole.

Hybrid shoppers are some of the most valuable in retail. These days customers begin shopping before they even step foot in a store. Where digital and physical retail were once considered separate worlds, over the years they’ve combined to provide shoppers a single, frictionless experience. In the process, a new class of consumers has developed: […]


Groceryshop 2021 – Sustainability & Omnichannel Transformation are Reshaping Retail

Almost every aspect of the grocery industry has undergone change – consumer behavior and preferences, new technologies, fulfillment and delivery, and more. These changes were already in motion, but had to be accelerated because of the challenges presented by COVID-19. Grocery leaders shared their insights at Groceryshop 2021 about what has taken place and what to expect next for the industry.

LAS VEGAS — Sustainability is increasingly driving consumer preferences, underscoring the importance of purpose-driven business practices, an opinion shared by many of those who study the retail industry. Retail strategists recently presented their insights at Groceryshop 2021 in Las Vegas, a key event for the grocery, retail and consumer packaged goods industries that drew more […]